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Cruel Exchange :iconekderon:Ekderon 1 0
Such a Bright Soul
Oh the way you burn
it's so bright it hurts my eyes
I won't look away
:iconekderon:Ekderon 2 0
Love is Imperfect
It is said that Love
will make your lover flawless
unmarked and perfect
Blind and insecure
a Love fit for the shallow
disgusting weak Love
To Love is to know
Know their flaws, love them fully
Is otherwise Love?
:iconekderon:Ekderon 2 0
A little birdie
A bird follows me
thinking that I do not see.
Such grievous insult.
Cowardly birdie
sneaking and stalking, tempt me
and I'll wear your bones.
Little "pretty bird"
continue staring at me
I'll pluck out your eyes.
:iconekderon:Ekderon 4 1
Only Frogs will survive the Flood
Bloodstained temple of torture and war,
poisoned preachers conducting frenzy,
Purity holds its light in pain!
Alas a Broken Bishop
killed our King,
not in flesh but soul.
A Viper in our pond,
venom in the King's ear
skin the Serpent.
May the Righteous be the Victor.
The crazed King fell,
His crown too heavy
for a head of doubt.
Long live the Queen
Kindly caring Queen
Cold cunning Queen
Beyond the bloodletting
we can find hope
a Dawn beyond this Night.
Only Frogs will survive the Flood.
:iconekderon:Ekderon 2 0
A feast of the flesh
A sickness of the spirit
Accursed Wendigo
:iconekderon:Ekderon 2 0
A Year
A year has gone by
of dancing and adventure
enjoying you and I.
A year together
of supporting and growing
to give each our best.
A year joyful spent
complimenting opposites
playful arguments.
A year of battle
defiant little lover
combat and wrestling.
:iconekderon:Ekderon 4 1
Signed and Sealed
A whisper "to be free..."
A song to break the chains.
A dream that's meant to be.
Charms and spells weaving strife,
summoned by bloody drops,
to grant a greater life.
Beautiful things to say,
whispering in your ear.
Always a price to pay.
:iconekderon:Ekderon 2 0
Burning Sensation
It has never mattered
how cold I tend to be,
you make me burn brightly.
Your eyes reach inside me,
like a fist through my ribs
that fills my heart with fire.
Your love like a campfire,
inferno like desire,
or a reshaping forge.
:iconekderon:Ekderon 5 0
To claim my Vict'ry
the day comes that I must chose,
of Grace or Glory.
To seize my desire,
my morals, standards, honor,
I must sacrifice.
Hesitant choosing,
I cannot abide losing,
but to lose to gain?
Greatness at any cost.
So my ritual dagger falls,
and now so do I.
:iconekderon:Ekderon 2 2
Til Death Do Us Part
Laying in bed,
tv on, sending out noise and light,
to keep the voice out of my head,
and her presence out of sight.
I can hear her out there,
just outside the door,
I say a silent prayer,
that the light stay.
The tv is off, the light is gone,
I close my eyes,
as I hear the buzz of flies.
On my legs I feel a weight,
open my eyes, I know she is there,
it seems this is my fate,
as she moves closer.
She is right there,
her face in the dark, just outside sight.
A puff of breath, sickly sweet,
to cover the smell of rotting meat.
:iconekderon:Ekderon 3 0
Gentle Heart
Such a gentle heart,
so filled with kindness and love,
truly wonderful.
Oh little warrior,
with so fierce a soul and mind,
a hero unsung.
As God's love on Earth,
you spread joy and compassion,
a beautiful soul.
:iconekderon:Ekderon 4 1
Hateful Gaze
To render unto,
the unmerciful sun, seek
wasteland without life.
Sight that fries the flesh,
alchemical gaze, skin to sand,
turn to bone and stone.
Hateful sight of Sol,
that spiteful sun god above,
whose light is a lash.
:iconekderon:Ekderon 0 0
Oh Those Eyes
At the shoreline,
dancing on moonlight,
glancing up at stars so bright,
and those stars, those eyes, those jealous eyes!
The jealous eyes of Hera, of Aphrodite, and Athena!
Oh those eyes.
Watching you, your beauty, your grace, your burning.
And my soul is lost to that ecstasy.
:iconekderon:Ekderon 3 0
Death Lay in the Forest
Death lay in the forest,
rotting meat and jutting bone,
insects claims dominion,
erect a grisly throne.
Death lay in the forest,
Squirming disturbing dried skin,
writhing mass,
Life reborn within.
Death lay in the forest,
Blood feeds the soil,
sprouting flowers,
Life's eternal toil.
Life lay in the forest,
flora covers dry bone,
Blooms overflow,
Life reclaims its throne.
:iconekderon:Ekderon 4 1


Mature content
Twisted :icondcheng886:dcheng886 14 9
She thinks there are nebulae
in the rough of my gutter bones,
some stargazing sanctuary
for lonely outcasts to lay their heads.
I am but a car crash,
inside eyelids,
& red inked corrections
on crosshatched skin.
Made up of moans,
the clutching of bedsheets;
I am contemplating
ripping my ribs apart
& proving
I never had a heart at all.
But my moon shy love;
she is determined
to try & wake the dead.
:icondearpoetry:DearPoetry 219 59
It's Over - Pearl - (STEVEN UNIVERSE) by Elemental-FA It's Over - Pearl - (STEVEN UNIVERSE) :iconelemental-fa:Elemental-FA 178 4 Heathers - Cast by Elemental-FA Heathers - Cast :iconelemental-fa:Elemental-FA 3,837 148 Commission - :skipwr3ck: - by Elemental-FA Commission - :skipwr3ck: - :iconelemental-fa:Elemental-FA 462 7 Leshen (The Witcher) by cristell15 Leshen (The Witcher) :iconcristell15:cristell15 125 7
Passion exploded.
Scarlet trickles down my face.
I am in disgrace.
:iconshiningsteel:ShiningSteel 5 1
Monster by ChristieDilemma Monster :iconchristiedilemma:ChristieDilemma 17 0 Repair by maskman626 Repair :iconmaskman626:maskman626 4,308 280 Of Ghosts And Wicked Ones by hyokka Of Ghosts And Wicked Ones :iconhyokka:hyokka 893 43 Contract by MadLittleClown Contract :iconmadlittleclown:MadLittleClown 2,252 34 'U're very cute' by LittleGoa-t 'U're very cute' :iconlittlegoa-t:LittleGoa-t 29 0 The Shadow by NikiAndo The Shadow :iconnikiando:NikiAndo 88 20 Sisters by LittleGoa-t Sisters :iconlittlegoa-t:LittleGoa-t 48 3 JEALOUS by LittleGoa-t JEALOUS :iconlittlegoa-t:LittleGoa-t 16 2
destigmatizing suicide
I stare at my therapist
my eyes feel like they have gone black
like black ink is pouring into my irises
as though death is standing in front of me
she is talking about insurance
I say mhm
I nod
I tell her that I was suicidal yesterday
and this morning
I tell her about the dark images that intrude into my mind
images of cutting my skin open
images of tying a rope around my neck
images of jumping off a bridge
she briefly acknowledges
she asks me to use external labels
she asks me to name suicide
I laugh
suicide is too serious to name
but she insists it's a "joke"
that it is "just passing the pain on to others"
I nod
I say mhm
but I know she is wrong
suicide to me could be an escape
it could be a peaceful sleep
it might be what I need
she tells me suicide is "wrong"
that it is "irrational"
but to me it is perfectly rational
my tolerance for pain is wearing thin
and "wrong" is just a biased opinion
I'm not trying to make suicide right with this poem
I'm just saying it isn't wrong
it is an
:iconemilywrites:emilywrites 132 106


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