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Upon the Altar of the Obscene :iconekderon:Ekderon 1 0
Flay and bind the soul and mind,
reap the will and curse the flesh,
this is the Oathbreakers fate,
forever impaled by hate,
forever declared forsworn.
Loath the traitor, be cast down,
suffer by thine own action,
you will fail and you will drown
in your self summoned defeat.
You will forever be cursebound,
true joy will never be found,
longing and disappointment,
will be your only true friends.
:iconekderon:Ekderon 1 0
Dear Stalker
To my dearest Stalker,
may my note have you blanch,
oh my hidden gawker,
you leave a loathsome stench,
alerted by foulness,
your presence is doubtless.
Why do you hide and stare?
pointless cower and lurk?
poison my private air?
insulting filthy murk.
Though you may try to sneak,
you leave a sense of reek.
:iconekderon:Ekderon 1 0
Song of Anger
All mem'rey slips away,
all color fades ta grey.
When all else is gone,
only the rage has say.
Only bloodstained rage,
oh, my iron cage.
My shield from the world,
My war banner unfurled.
To rend the earth,
like Fenris let slip,
an age of wolf and strife,
jaws to snatch away life.
Awaken to regret,
Vow never to forget.
All mem'ry slips away,
all color fades ta grey.
:iconekderon:Ekderon 4 0
Journal Page
Bent but unbroken
Unwilling to be
:iconekderon:Ekderon 0 0
On a Quest
We leapt aboard our merry ship,
as the wind blew hard,
like an icy whip,
so we dipped our oars,
and loosed the sail,
while the frigid wind did wail.
Out upon the lake we set sail,
while against our prow,
the waves did rail.
Our ship was rocked by winter wave,
but we sailed on, grinning and brave.
We screamed to the wind
"Let the storm come as it may!"
We landed on that little island,
and danced the night away.
:iconekderon:Ekderon 1 0
Sipping Daemon
A slow creeping chill,
sapping away warmth and strength,
until I've had my fill.
A slow consuming,
draining you to make me whole,
with the life I stole.
:iconekderon:Ekderon 2 0
You lay there wounded,
unwilling to seize your wants,
arms too weak to reach.
So your hope and joy,
drift further away from you,
though you once held them.
:iconekderon:Ekderon 2 0
Serpent Kiss
Entrap the weak will,
Ensorcele defiant mind,
Engulf wounded heart.
:iconekderon:Ekderon 1 3
Song of Loss
There now is silence,
replacing what once was song,
sour note, melody broken.
and in weak moments,
forced to ponder what went wrong,
lyrics unspoken.
:iconekderon:Ekderon 2 0
Two Fires
Your fire burns,
as does mine,
we mix our heat,
our fires entwine.
Like a furnace brightly burning,
we're set alight in yearning,
stoke the forge as embers glow,
burn brighter,
as our fires overflow,
Two hearts burning in the dark,
dancing, twirling, coming close,
each leaves it scalding mark,
as pressing closer,
through cold flesh.
:iconekderon:Ekderon 2 0
Little Warrior
Rest now little Warrior,
the battle done, your war is won,
you fought your best,
overcame the test,
lay down your arms,
lay down your armor,
you now have leave to rest.
:iconekderon:Ekderon 3 0
Every night I drink a vial,
To fill myself with hate and bile,
to turn my blood green and vile,
like a poison coursing through me,
to trap me in this eternity
of twisted unwanted memory.
A medicine so bitter,
to fill the silence,
as my thoughts,
turn to violence,
mixed with rage and regret,
that strikes like a bayonet,
so my heart turns rotten,
due to being forgotten.
So I cut away infection,
to escape what I'll be,
but still I can't be free,
so instead I'll let you see,
what sort of monster I can be.
:iconekderon:Ekderon 0 0
Step forward Morsel.
Tempting and tempted,
so unprepared for,
battle attempted.
Here you stand in battle array,
Hoping to hold hunger at bay,
with spear thrust out
with a warcry and battle shout,
but eyes filled with doubt,
as rushing with savage grin,
I close the distance,
you'll let me win.
Shield crumpled, spear bent,
ragged holes in armor,
where my claws rent.
Cruel and clever,
is the mind of a beast,
now drop to your knees,
you will be my feast.
Mouth coated in gore,
this war I adore,
Your corpses rises,
to battle once more.
:iconekderon:Ekderon 1 0
Star of the Morning
Here I stand, a fallen star,
but my Pride remains unbroken,
and my back will not bend far.
Consumed in Darkness,
but I still bear the Light!
I am Lucifer!
And I have not lost this fight!
My Grace and Glory are unbound!
My Light sears the unworthy,
cinders are on the ground,
Before none I will kneel,
Never again will I surrender,
all the power that I feel!
A King with crown of flame,
My new Heaven I proclaim,
In Hell, On Earth,
Until every star,
exalts my name.
:iconekderon:Ekderon 2 0


Treasure of Pirate by erlanarya Treasure of Pirate :iconerlanarya:erlanarya 515 40 Stand and Deliver by Monkey-Paw Stand and Deliver :iconmonkey-paw:Monkey-Paw 155 5 The Death and the Maiden II by Lilith-Awaken The Death and the Maiden II :iconlilith-awaken:Lilith-Awaken 4 4 Demons love you for who you are by anastasiyacemetery Demons love you for who you are :iconanastasiyacemetery:anastasiyacemetery 136 6 Manekineko Evil Dead Cat by chaamal Manekineko Evil Dead Cat :iconchaamal:chaamal 171 11 True Nature by Traktorova True Nature :icontraktorova:Traktorova 67 59 Blind Crow Can See You by Traktorova Blind Crow Can See You :icontraktorova:Traktorova 352 100 Aries by IrenHorrors Aries :iconirenhorrors:IrenHorrors 1,366 34 Wereshark by krigg Wereshark :iconkrigg:krigg 104 5 Toil and Trouble by AbigailLarson Toil and Trouble :iconabigaillarson:AbigailLarson 1,011 17
Eyes and craters
Sticks for bones, and stuttered pulsers
Well, he's got a pretty face
Eyes could kill a loyal maid
No conviction
But mind's self-destruction
How could an angel fall so?
Have bones for wings, then you'll know
He downs one whole cigarette
He jumps off the minaret
He checks for success yet
He still plays a cabaret
He sweats blood on the floor
He pukes till he's red-sore
He's twitching, he's flailing
But his mind, its sailing
You'd best stay away from him
He's the SkeleTinman
A heart pumped with tin
Only needles feel this man
Masochistic martyr
"King of his genre" man
Sold his heart to fodder
Blinded by the stars he can't reach
What a leech
An angular face
All veins and bones are all his base
The lifeline of an abstract paint
His color splashed, and we abstain
Breaking glass herds
With the pattern of a painter
A monotonous escapade
His act is gone, behold his charade
Scratchings on doorknobs
Smashed stained-glass windows
The writings of past loves
A needle that bellows
:iconvisionarydreamscape:VisionaryDreamscape 2 0
a blank white canvas:
rumpled a bit in the corner
tangled a bit at the edge
piled up languidly
spread even by contact with
the brush of your hair the smooth of your back the curls of your toes the shape of your breast
all aching at once all aching for touch all aching for touch all aching for aching all aching for
the painter's broad strokes and
the watercolors and oils and
the interruption of solid lines and
the mixing of flat with gloss and
the palette changing beneath and
the resistance of the medium and
i spread you until you reach all corners of the canvas
not waiting to let you dry not pausing to change brushes
i will breathe your fumes forever
i will draw your shape forever
i will spread you forever –
someday i will hang you up
but for now i will paint you
and i will paint you
and i will paint
and i will
and i 
:icontirasunil:tirasunil 12 0
the phoenix
Every night I will burn
Lessons taught but you never learn
So ever dawn when I return
I shall make this world my urn
I would tell you all to run
For I know you are all but done
But mercy I have none
And I shall spare not one
My flames will scorch your skin
And burn your souls within
As I strip away all that has been
So a new world might begin
:iconphenabeana:phenabeana 11 2
loneliness Stays
Isn't it sad
that you will always be
lost in my mind
as a mere memory
Doomed from the start
to eternal damnation
you were only a part
of my imagination
A passing thought
given a bit more time
when all I had
Was a broken rhyme
A being conjured up
by heartache and pain
In the hopes of makeing me
just a bit more sane
The devil and I
made a deal
you're all thats left
and yet...
You feel so real
:iconphenabeana:phenabeana 7 2
Devil Pen by Theisriber Devil Pen :icontheisriber:Theisriber 4 0 Succubus (Commission) by Sciamano240 Succubus (Commission) :iconsciamano240:Sciamano240 3,298 91


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